Student Pictures (9-12 Grade Levels) 2024-25 thru 2028-29 RFP #2425-049

KATE CLARK Sales Representative 1.800.220.7667 Ext. 104

Barksdale, the pioneer of school photography, celebrates 101st anniversary Mr. S.P. Barksdale, the founding father of the school picture industry, was employed by the WilsonMagazineCompany in theearly1900s. In1922, hisgood friendwas the superintendent of the Philadelphia Public School System. As the district was building its student files, Barksdale was asked to provide photos of each student to be attached to the records. He agreed, as long as he could also sell the photos to the parents to help pay for the service. Other school districts heard of the idea and asked Barksdale for photos of their students. The school picture industry was born. S.P. Barksdale even built the first school picture camera. Today, Barksdale – under the leadership of S.P.’s great grandchildren – provides school picture services to more than 2,000 schools across the country from their headquarters in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Pennsbury School District 134 Yardley Avenue Fallsington, PA 19054

January 12, 2024

Steve Waterson,

The Barksdale Group takes great pleasure in introducing our comprehensive range of school portrait products and services to the Pennsbury School District . Pioneering the mass production of school pictures, Barksdale holds the esteemed position of being the oldest school picture business in America, a family-owned and operated enterprise since our establishment in 1922. With a legacy spanning over 101 years, The Barksdale Group, encompassing Barksdale School Portraits, remains dedicated to crafting once-in-a-lifetime memories for parents and students at affordable prices. As a regional firm boasting over 2,000 accounts across 36 states, we annually photograph over one million students, leveraging our extensive experience to streamline the school picture process for administrators, teachers, and parents. Our proficient and well-trained staff, along with skilled photographers, ensures that portrait sessions are not only efficient and well-organized but also enjoyable. Operating from a fully-staffed, in-house production facility equipped with state-of-the art technology, we prioritize delivering top-notch services. The Barksdale Group, with its rich history and industry expertise, seeks the opportunity to showcase why we are the optimal choice for your school district. This proposal reflects our commitment to exceptional customer service and unparalleled complimentary products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of both schools and families. As industry leaders, our backpack-ready portrait booklets are setting a new standard, ensuring all pictures are kept together and protected. UV-coated for fade and water resistance, these booklets are provided to every student, regardless of purchase, eliminating the possibility of singling out students and offering a second chance opportunity to order. To facilitate a seamless transition for your district, we will assemble a dedicated team committed to delivering fantastic service, quality pictures, and timely delivery of all products and services. We look forward to the prospect of working with Pennsbury School District and demonstrating whyThe Barksdale Group stands at the forefront of school portrait excellence.

Regards, Kate Clark Sales Represenative

1.800.220.7667 (ext 104)


STATEMENT OF CORPORATE QUALIFICATIONS The Barksdale Group Barksdale School Portraits

380 Turner Way Aston, PA 19014 Wayne Barksdale, President 610.494.3756 ext 102

We possess the capacity to address all your requirements while maintaining the intimate, personalized touch that sets us apart.

EXPERIENCE With a rich history spanning over 101 years in the photography and yearbook industry, The Barksdale Group proudly operates its local office in South Eastern Pennsylvania. As one of the largest independent, family-owned school photography companies on the east coast, we have established ourselves as a modern, organized, and efficient organization committed to surpassing industry standards. Continuously striving for excellence, we focus on enhancing our products, services, and quality to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. CAPACITY The Barksdale Group houses a fully-equipped production facility dedicated to school photography and yearbook services at our headquarters in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Our production facility boasts ample capacity, allowing us to readily accommodate significant growth each year. This ensures that we can effectively and efficiently fulfill the needs of our clients, including the Pennsbury School District . STAFFING Our team at The Barksdale Group is well-equipped to meet all the year-round needs of the Pennsbury School District. With an experienced staff that comprehensively understands the unique requirements of our customers, we guarantee the level of service you anticipate. Employing over 100 full-time professionals in production and customer service, our fall season operations typically involve 80 cameras and photographers daily in our office. We are proud to have a group of veteran photographers, some with a tenure of up to 40 years, contributing their expertise and dedication to our organization.



EXCLUSIVE 9-12 PARTNERSHIP INCENTIVES FOR SCHOOLS: IF AWARDED ENTIRE DISTRICT - SIGNING INCENTIVE: $ 7,500 Barksdale will offer a signing bonus to the Pennsbury School District of $ 7,500 upon the execution of this five (5) year agreement. Each year the district will get $ 1,500 as long as the continues. IF AWARDED ENTIRE DISTRICT - SCHOOL CULTURE MATERIAL: $ 5,000 ( Retail Value ) Barksdale will provide a print shop branding voucher in the amount of $ 1,000 upon the execution of this five (5) year agreement. Each year the district will get $ 1,000 another branding voucher. 9-12 STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: $ 500 (Value) Barksdale will provide a $ 500 Student Scholarship to the district for a student named by the school as long as the agreement continues. 9-12 DISTRICT YEARBOOK INCENTIVES: $ 4,000 (Approx. Value) 5% High School additional FREE yearbooks added to each school’s yearbook order, each year of this agreement. (see page 00) 9-12 ONE (1) ID CARD PRINTERS AND SUPPLIES: $ 750 (Value) Your school will get a Evolis Badgy 200 ID card printer and supplies for High School. 9-12 SCHOOL COMMISSIONS: 20% Your school will get 20% commission on Fall underclass school portraits. FOR FAMILIES: PASS-IT FORWARD: Teachers pass along their complimentary package of photos to a deserving student.


Part 2 should be referred to as RFP #2425-049 Part 2 will be specific to high school photography. This includes a broad range of pictures and will be com bined with senior portraits as well. Also included in this section will be photography of sporting events, dances, prom, graduation and many other areas that you will need to share what your organization will pro vide. Senior pictures will be another valuable component of this section and it’s important to include all your offerings and costs with regard to the senior section. Please elaborate where it will be applicable. The Pennsbury School District serves approximately 2900 students at the high school level. (9-12) Miscellaneous Pennsbury is seeking a 5 year agreement with the option to terminate at any time if the offerings from the awarded vendor(s) are not satisfactory and an option to extend past 5 years at the discretion of the District. – Understood, we will honor the pricing/incentives throughout the 5 year term. This award may be split between 2 vendors therefore part of the award may be based upon awarded vendors collaborating to achieve the best results for what is best for the Pennsbury School District and its community. – Agreed, however we offer an additional incentive if awarded the entire district. See highlighted incentives on page 3 After evaluating proposals with our committee, the District may require to seek further negotiations with the participants that show value to Pennsbury while asking vendors to provide additional information that will affect the outcome of the award decision. – Agreed All photography at the high school level will need to coincide with the yearbook publishing & yearbook staff. – Agreed All staff must have background checks & full clearances required in PA. – Agreed, we are fully compliant. Vendors must provide scope of offerings to the district of what will be included to the schools at no charge. – Agreed All products delivered to our students and their families are to be guaranteed and everyone should be permitted to have their pictures taken regardless of whether or not they are buying them. – Agreed, We stand behind our work, and in the event a parent is dissatisfied with their portraits for any reason, they can return them on Retake Day for a re-photograph of the child. If, even after the retake, the parent remains unsatisfied, they can return the retake portraits, and we will issue a full refund for the entire purchase. ID badges will be included by the awarded vendor(s) and can the vendors participating may need to work to gether for this part of the proposal. Security and data must be secure and there will be NO exceptions to this. – Agreed, we offer complimentary ID cards for all student and staff. A second set of cards are also available free of charge if needed. All vendors submitting a proposal must include pricing schedules for each of the 5 years and are permitted to use their format to submit a proposal or proposals. – Agreed, see page 14 for pricing. We will freeze the pricing throughout the 5 year term. Please share any other benefits your organization will be to Pennsbury. – See pages 12 & 13



Sales and School Support

Kate Clark – Sales Representative Years in the business – 3 610-494-3756 ext. 104

Wayne Barksdale – President Years in the business – 22 610-494-3756 Ext. 102 Kelly Gessler – Sales Support

Susan Sheridan – National Sales Manager Years in the business – 18 610-494-3756 ext. 108 Shannon Coombs – Sales Support

Responsibilities – supports sales, schedules events, assists with customer service questions

Years in the business – 5 610-494-3756 ext. 107

Years in the business – 8 800-220-7667 ext.133

Production Department

Customer Service Team

Eric Steinmetz – Director of Operations Reports directly toWayne Barksdale 29Years in the business 800-220-7667 Ext. 137 Penny O’Donnell – Production Manager Reports directly to Eric Steinmetz Years in the business – 11 800-220-7667 Ext. 110 Belle Lawrence – IT & HR Reports directly toWayne Barksdale Years in the business – 18 800-220-7667 Ext. 126 KyleWhite – Production Assistant Reports directly to Eric Steinmetz 12Years in the business 800-220-7667 Ext. 138 Julie Hanavin Data Management Years in the business – 11 800-220-7667 Ext. 124 Christina Speace Emails for data list Years in the business – 11 800-220-7667 Ext. 122

Answers the 800# parent phone calls and emails 800-220-7667 Jennifer Holmes – Customer Service Lead:

800-220-7667 ext. 100 nting Customer Relations

Lynn Boyko – Customer Realationship Specialist Reports directly to Susan Sheridan Years in the business – 22 800-220-7667 Ext. 105

Photography Department

Kristin Rawley Years in the business – 13 800-220-7667 Ext. 139 krawley

Accounting Department

Alfred Asheuer – Controller Years in the business – 10 800-220-7667 Ext. 127


IMPLEMENTATION PLAN The Barksdale Group is fully prepared to cater to the needs of your schools and students. Our primary goal is to facilitate a smooth and successful transition. To ensure this, we will assemble a dedicated team exclusively for your district, eliminating the need for district staff to assist in the transition process. Our knowledgeable representatives will be available for on-site meetings during the initial implementation phase, engaging with key personnel in each building. Each meeting is designed to be concise, typically lasting around 45 minutes. Our commitment is to make the transition seamless and hassle-free for your district.

When implementing our Transition Plan we take into account the TwoTypes Of Customers



n n n n n n n n n n n

n n n n n n n n n n n


Pleasant photographers

Well organized picture day

Access to school images

Top-Notch customer service

Affordable pricing

Discount programs

Online ordering – variety of packages & background choices

Unconditional guarantee

Accept late orders

2nd chance to purchase

Transition Team Sales Team: Engages with every principal, secretary, and yearbook coordinator to identify specific needs. Each school is allocated a unique job number, and a customized production order form is created to document requested items. School Support Team: Enters all pertinent data into our School Tracking Account Records (STAR) system. Specifically designed for school photography, STAR efficiently manages all information related to tasks and deliverables for each contract. From scheduling photography sessions to tracking production, this database comprehensively stores relevant details. Data Management Team: Collaborates with district IT support to secure the necessary student data required for picture day and service items. .

Photography Team: Conducts a thorough site survey of each building to pinpoint optimal photography locations. The Barksdale Group boasts a team of over 30+ photographers, many of whom are local to your district. The specific number of photographers assigned to each school is determined based on overall enrollment. Production Team: Operating as a vertical operation, The Barksdale Group conducts all photo processing at our Pennsylvania production facility. Production supervisors conduct daily meetings with their teams to ensure meticulous quality control throughout the entire process, from flyer creation to the delivery of the finished portrait product. Customer Service Team: Our bilingual customer service team is dedicated to assisting administrators and parents with efficiency and warmth. Delivering exceptional service is a hallmark of our organization, and one that we take great pride in.



Storefront Privacy Policy This privacy policy is crafted to address the concerns of individuals regarding the usage of their ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII) online. PII, as defined in US privacy law and information security, refers to information that, either alone or in conjunction with other data, can identify, contact, locate, or contextualize a single person. We encourage you to thoroughly read our privacy policy to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we collect, use, protect, and handle your Personally Identifiable Information in alignment with our website practices. PCI Compliance The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) comprises a set of requirements meticulously crafted to guarantee that every entity engaged in processing, storing, or transmitting credit card information upholds a secure environment. This mandate is applicable to all merchants possessing a Merchant ID. Protecting Visitor Information An SSL certificate is used to encrypt all information provided by the user. No credit card information is stored on our servers. A payment gateway provider is used for all monetary transactions.

Data Security Our Data Management Team will collaborate directly with the district’s IT Department or school to acquire the necessary student data for picture day and related services. While delivering photography services, we commit to releasing information solely under the following circumstances: mailing (digital or printed) information to families regarding photograph purchases. The student information provided is deemed confidential and shall be utilized exclusively for the purposes outlined in the agreement. We pledge not to share or disclose this data to any third party beyond the specified purposes in this proposal, unless compelled to do so by law or other regulatory agency requirements. Barksdale Portal Security measures safeguard this network, incorporating both firewalls and application firewalls. User logins are granted with specific rights and governed by established rules. SSL encryption is implemented to preserve the confidentiality of data during transmission across networks.


• Detection and Identification • Escalation Procedures • Investigation and Analysis Processes • Preservation of Evidence • Communication and Notification Protocols

• Subsequent Investigation Steps • Response to Regulatory Inquiry and/or Litigation • Post-Incident Review • Ongoing Plan Maintenance and Training • Testing and Evaluation


FALL SCHOOL PORTRAIT SERVICES Underclassmen Fall Portraits The Barksdale Group is pleased to introduce our prepaid portrait program to students. We offer a variety of portrait packages featuring up to 30 background choices. Every student, regardless of purchase, will be photographed, and we ensure ample photographers to efficiently cover all buildings in a single day. Before picture day, we engage with the school office to coordinate logistics. We confirm setup locations, starting times, and classroom scheduling preferences. Our office personnel possess firsthand experience working in schools on picture day, enhancing their ability to address inquiries from both schools and parents. The school uploads student data to the portal, providing names, grades, ID numbers, and teacher names. This pre-picture day information enables us to personalize flyers accurately. Extracted directly from the school’s database, this data ensures precision. It is instrumental in organizing service items and portrait packages as per the school’s specifications.

Portrait Day Notifications Order Form/Flyers - Each school receives personalized bilingual flyers containing relevant packaging and pricing details. These flyers, customized with each student’s name, are arranged according to the school’s preferences. The use of personalized envelopes eliminates the need to transfer purchased data from the picture flyer to a camera card, reducing the likelihood of missing items. All promotional materials will be supplied approximately two weeks prior to picture day, or at the discretion of the school principal. Picture Day Reminder Posters Posters are distributed to serve as reminders for students about picture day. Web Banners Web banners tailored for the school website are available upon request. Two weeks before picture day, parents can visit the school’s website, click on the provided link, and access their personalized picture day flyer. Online orders can be conveniently placed at .

Personalized Flyers

Picture Day Reminder Posters

PICTURE DAY IS: Dia de Fotos

YOUR PICTURE DAY IS... 9/20/2020 Barksdale Middle School

Share a smile with someone... picture day is here! 4

Order online! PASSWORD 000000

Web Banner

Barksdale – | 610.494.3756 •

Pictures with Class – | 562.431.1467 •

Hockmeyer – | 978.388.9832


On picture day, our team will be on-site with ample personnel and equipment to capture the entire school in a single day. Photographers will arrive approximately one hour before the scheduled start time and will check in directly at the main office. Picture day encompasses the photography of all students and staff, irrespective of purchase, contributing to school records and the yearbook. PICTURE DAY REQUIREMENTS Photographers

Background Screening Our photographers are all background check compliant: • Criminal History Report • Child/Student Abuse Reporting/Clearance • FBI criminal History Record • Drug screening Equipment Our cameras and equipment are specifically tailored for school photography. Each of our photographers is equipped with two Nikon 5500 cameras, a Samsung tablet, and a two-light setup with umbrellas. The notable advantage of our digital system is the large screen viewfinder, enabling photographers to instantly view and edit students’ photographs. As part of our process, each student is captured in a minimum of two photographs, significantly reducing the need for retakes.

We will assign one photographer for every 250-300 individual students, ensuring sufficient coverage. Our capabilities extend to providing equipment and generating ID badges simultaneously at multiple locations on the same day. All our photographers adhere to a uniform and wear an ID card while on school premises. Our professional photography staff is well-versed in making picture day both enjoyable and efficient. Our photographers undergo extensive training in three crucial areas: a. Personal attention to each subject, emphasizing appropriate posing and communication. Extra training time is dedicated to grooming, and posing, recognizing the sensitivity of interacting with children based on their age level, with strict policies in place. b. Technical training covering equipment and setup. c. Comprehensive training on workflow and class organization, ensuring a swift return to the classroom for both students and teachers.


AFTER PICTURE DAY Portrait Distribution

ORDERING Every family will be afforded the chance to place orders before, on, or after picture day. Pre-ordering is a simple process, allowing parents to submit their orders and payments on picture day or make online payments. The Barksdale Group will handle the collection and removal of money on picture day, relieving schools of any We provide personalized bilingual flyers containing relevant packaging and pricing details for each school. Families can choose the picture package that best suits their preferences, with a range of backgrounds and poses available to enhance their selection. On-Line Orders Pre-Pay Our online ordering system is user-friendly and convenient. Pre-pay orders can be submitted online until noon on the following day at . Picture day order forms provide clear instructions for parents to place orders online. If a parent pays online and the student forgets to bring in the order form on picture day, The Barksdale Group can process the order without the need for a picture day form. PCI Compliance The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) comprises a set of requirements crafted to guarantee the security of environments where companies process, store, or transmit credit card information. This standard applies to all merchants possessing a Merchant ID. Reorders, Late Orders & Second Chance The Barksdale Group accommodates late orders following the initial picture day. Late orders received at our office within a week of the initial picture day will be processed alongside the school pictures and dispatched to the students’ homes. For students who did not place an order on the initial picture day, a proof card will be provided. This card includes the student’s image and information for online ordering. responsibility for money collection. Personalized Order Form/Flyers

All packages will be sorted and delivered to each school according to their specific requirements. Each picture booklet will include the information provided in your student data file. However, if the district or school has opted for a mail-to-home option, that preference will be accommodated. Retakes Approximately two weeks after delivering the picture booklets, we revisit each school for retakes. We offer the opportunity for a free-of-charge retake of any portrait package, with no questions asked. Students who were absent on the initial picture day will also be included on the retake day. Customer Service We maintain a complete support team ready to address requests from both school administrators and parents. Our toll-free Customer Service line operates from 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with extended hours until 8 pm during peak seasons to accommodate parents and administrators. Our Customer Service is proficient in handling parent orders and inquiries. Our amiable staff is prepared to assist in any capacity, and we provide bilingual Spanish support. Quality Guarantee We stand behind our work, and in the event a parent is dissatisfied with their portraits for any reason, they can return them on Retake Day for a re-photograph of the child. If, even after the retake, the parent remains unsatisfied, they can return the retake portraits, and we will issue a full refund for the entire purchase.

Personalized Envelopes


Mobile phone

Print out



Portrait Delivery - Booklets will be delivered within four to five weeks. The Barksdale Group leads the way in the digital transformation of photography, utilizing a new processing system for booklet production. All picture booklets are UV coated for fade resistance and water-resistant. Each picture booklet includes information on reordering. Parents have the option to order a different background and additional products such as mugs, key fobs, mouse pads, etc. (Refer to the sample.) Recognizing that life can be distracting, Barksdale offers a unique program called “Second Chance.” All students who did not make a purchase on Picture Day will have the opportunity for a second chance to view their image and make a purchase.

Custom cover with SCHOOL LOGO & COLORS

Shareable LowRes TXT image download with any online purchase

Backpack-Ready Portrait Booklet TM


No eres tarde, todavia puedes ordenar not too late to order It’s

Contact Us at: Barksdale: Pictures with Class: Hockmeyer with Barksdale:

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Popular background choices—more backgrounds available online.

Opciones de fondos populares—ymas disponible en linea





Great gifts Regalos para sus seres queridos

for your loved ones

Two Secure Image Cards on back of each portrait booklet


(3) Key Tags

(5) Photo Magnets

Photo Mouse Pad

Photo Mug


(3) Etiquetas clave

(5) Foto imanes

Foto alfombrilla

Foto taza

It’s never too late to order! Don’t miss your chance to share your smile

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opuedes construir supropiopaquetedememorias or build your own package full ofmemories

Packages | Paquetes*


Package 2 $ 45 (2) 5 x 7 (4) 3 x 5 (16) 2 x 3

Nunca es tan tarde para ordenar! No pierdas su oportunidad a compartir su sonreisa

ANY SHEET ANY SIZE JUST $15 EACH Cualquier tipo, cualquier tamaño nomas $15 cada uno (1) 8x10 (1) 5x7 + (4) 2x3 (1) 5x7 + (8) 1 3 / 4 x 2 1 / 2 (16) 1 3 / 4 x 2 1 / 2 (2) 4x6 with 2 BonusWallets (1) 5x7 + (2) 3x5 (2) 3x5 + (2) 2x3 + (4) 1 3 / 4 x 2 1 / 2


Package 3 $ 40 (1) 8 x 10


Package 1 $ 50 (2) 8 x 10

(4) 3 x 5 (8) 2 x 3

(2) 5 x 7 (4) 3 x 5 (8) 2 x 3

Children grow up incredibly fast.


Package 4 $ 25 (4) 3 x 5 (8) 2 x 3

No Parpadees! Los Niños crecen increíblemente rápido.

(4) 3x5 (8) 2x3

Hi Res Digital Download Descarado digital de alta resolución

Second Chance


* Prices may be higher if purchased at a later date.


COMPLIMENTARY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Complimentary Student ID cards will be provided for each student and staff member. These ID cards may encompass a picture, first and last name, student ID number, graduation year or grade, and a barcode for applications such as lunchroom or library programs, entrance scanning, and attendance systems. The Barksdale Group is equipped to fulfill any ID card requirements and requests. • Initial set of printed ID cards: Teslin (30 mil) non-tear laminated cards • Replacement ID cards: PVC (30 mil) thick cards (staff) A second set of ID cards can be provided if requested at no charge. (Teslin [30 mil] non-tear laminated cards) Visitor and/or substitute badges Twenty-five custom designed badges are offered each year for each school. The Barksdale Group Portal, an exclusive software developed by BARKSDALE, is a robust and user-friendly system designed for school administrators. It serves as a comprehensive tool for tracking student information and generating various digital services. The program features a repository of student photos and information provided in the student list, along with ID templates for printing replacement IDs and student recognition certificates. Notably, the portal allows administrators with approval to set JPG resolution and naming conventions, facilitating the export/import of images into their Student Management Software. Additionally, the Portal provides an export option for the yearbook advisor to download high-quality images formatted for all PSPA publishers, eliminating the need for CDs or links to retrieve images. All photos are delivered in an appropriate format for both administrative and yearbook software programs.

Portal Key Features: • Manage and add users • Add new student records as needed • Create ID cards & certificates for your students


• Administrator export • Yearbook export • School list uploader • Print on your local network or request vendor print – this will send us a .pdf file to print

Portal’s“School List Uploader” Schools will be able to export their student data from their existing administrative software and upload a .CSV file directly to our secure image portal. The portal’s custom and auto mapping feature will recognize most fields but also has the ability to customize the mapping.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-8255 National Domestic Violence Hotline: Call 1-800-799-7233 Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 Local Suide Prevention Hotline: Call 714-639-4673

CA SB316 Compliant

FREE ID Card Printer & Supplies for High School


ID Cards (front & back) Back side printing available


COMPLIMENTARY VALUE-ADDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Student Directories (MS/HS): Each school will receive our softcover directories, crafted with yearbook-quality

Promotions: Various commemorative certificates for Promotion, Graduation, Culmination, and Completion are offered, allowing students to celebrate wearing cap & gown or their Sunday best. School Calendars and/or Daily Planners: Provided for all administrative staff. Staff and faculty Picture Package: Each staff member will receive a complimentary package containing (1) 5x7 and (4) large Wallets, along with their class group photo. Basic image retouching is included. Secure Image Card: Each student/parent will receive two Secure Image Cards. This exclusive program from The Barksdale Group grants access to a child’s picture via the Internet nationwide, 24/7. The picture can be emailed to authorities and used in Amber Alerts. Family Discount Plan: Our district-wide program offers the industry’s strongest family plan — the first and second child in a family pay full price, and each additional child receives free pictures.

materials that withstand daily use. The directories feature photographs of each student categorized by grade and/or homeroom, including the student’s name, grade, and homeroom number. Record Keeping Photos: Peel and stick record-keeping photos of every student and staff member taken on picture day will be provided to each school. Mosaic Framed Poster Print: Each school participating in our Spring Program will receive a complimentary 24x36 framed mosaic print featuring children and staff in an attractive design. Motivational Banners: Each school can choose a 2'x3' vinyl banner from a selection of 30 options or design their own. Yearbook Photo Images: A publisher-quality link labeled with student and staff members’ names, grades, and teachers will be provided to each school. The images, meeting specific requirements (PSPA format), will be specially processed for the yearbook advisor.

Family plan

Student Directories

Motivational Banners

Secure Image Card


2024-25 thru 2028-29 9-12 Packages and Pricing

All packages include premium background choice. | Each school will receive 20% commission.

Packages without Class Group

$ 42

$ 35

Package “A” (1) - Hi-Res Digital Download (2) - 8 x 10

Package “B” (2) - 8 x 10 (4) - 5 x 7 (2) - 4 x 6 w/2 Bonus Wallets

(4) - 5 x 7 (2) - 3 x 5 (4) - 2 x 3 (4) - Variety Wallets

(2) - 3 x 5 (4) - 2 x 3 (4) - Variety Wallets

$ 32

$ 26

Package “C” (1) - 8 x 10 (2) - 5 x 7 (4) - 3 x 5 (8) - 2 x 3 (8) - Variety Wallets

Package “D” (2) - 5 x 7 (2) - 3 x 5 (4) - 2 x 3 (8) - 1¾ x 2½ (4) - Variety Wallets

$ 22

$ 18

Package “E” (1) - 5 x 7 (2) - 3 x 5 (8) - 2 x 3 (16) - 1¾ x 2½

Package “F” (2) - 4 x 6 w/2 Bonus Wallets (8) - 2 x 3 (16) - 1¾ x 2½

$ 14

$ 11

Package “G” (2) - 3 x 5 (4) - 2 x 3 (8) - 1¾ x 2½

Package “H” (1) - 3 x 5 (2) - 2 x 3 (8) - 1¾ x 2½

Add-on Pricing HiRes Digital Download . $20.00 1-8x10 . . . . . . . . . $11.00 1-5x7 & 4-2x3 . . . . . . $11.00 1-5x7 & 2-3x5 . . . . . . $11.00 2-4x6 & 2-bonus wallets . $11.00

8-2x3 . . . . . . . . . . $11.00 Retouching . . . . . . . $9.00 Premium Retouching . . . $14.00 Personalization . . . . . . $6.00

Shareable LowRes TXT image download online purchases only

All prices include sales tax.





Large group & PANO sizes perfect for any size class



BARKSDALE GROUP HIGH SCHOOL Grade 12 – Class of 2023

8 x 20 Pano

8 x 24 Pano

10 x 18 Pano



BARKSDALE GROUP HIGH SCHOOL Grade 12 – Class of 2023

6 x 15 Pano

6 x 11 Pano

6 x 18 Pano

BARKSDALE GROUP HIGH SCHOOL Grade 12 – Class of 2023



4 x7 Pano

4 x 10 Pano

4 x 12 Pano

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3


SENIOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Students will receive color proofs for review and selection, which will include: • Eight poses in formal wear for girls and boys against a neutral background.

• Eight poses in cap and gown on a new neutral background. • Eight casual poses against a variety of available backgrounds. There will be no sitting fee for basic senior portrait yearbook poses, and all senior portraits will undergo basic retouching at no charge. The Barksdale Group will establish a direct link to our scheduling website for the school to share with all senior parents. Parents can schedule their portrait sitting time from a range of available time slots. Senior proof booklets will be sent to the school or student homes. Make-up dates and re-sitting dates at the High School will be coordinated with the school’s administration. We ensure that all portraits will be professionally and technically correct. Re-shooting of portraits due to technical problems (such as closed eyes or improperly arranged clothing) will incur no cost to the student. Proof booklets will be delivered to individual students by mail within 10 days of their sitting date, with no cost to the individual or the school. After receiving an order, finished prints will be mailed directly to the student’s home or sent to the school within six weeks.

Proof Booklet




$ 89

Intro PLUS

$ 109

Includes: (1 pose) 4 - 4x5 16 - 2x3

Includes: (1 pose) 2 - 5x7 4 - 4x5 16 - 2x3


$ 110

Basic PLUS

$ 128

Includes: (1 pose) 2 - 5x7 4 - 4x5 24 - 2x3

Includes: (1 pose) 1 - 8x10

2 - 5x7 4 - 4x5 16 - 2x3


$ 165

Value PLUS

$ 219

Includes: (2 poses) 1 - 8x10 2 - 5x7 4 - 4x5 32 - 2x3 1 - 8x10 Collage

Includes: (3 poses) 2 - 8x10 4 - 5x7 4 - 4x5 24 - 2x3 1 - 8x10 Collage



$ 279

Includes: (3 poses) 1 - 8x10 4 - 5x7 4 - 4x5 32 - 2x3 1 - 1 0-Pose Digital Download 1 - 8x10 Collage UNLOCKED BACKGROUNDS INCLUDED*

10-Pose High-Res Digital Download Retouched with copyright release $200 Value!

*Must include 3 poses selected for prints

Add-ons - backgrounds included*

Digital Download backgrounds included*

1 - 8 x 10 = $ 40 2 - 5 x 7 = $ 40 4 - 4 x 5 = $ 40 8 - 2 x 3 = $ 40

1-16 x 20= $ 80 1-11 x 14= $ 65 1-10 x 13= $ 55

HiRes Image with copyright release (Available in 5-7 Business Days) 1 Pose - $ 55

$ 20 ONLY

Graduation year appears on all prints

Prices are based on using one pose. If you wish to use more than one pose, please add $ 15.00 for each additional pose. (DOES NOT PERTAIN TO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS) * ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

5 Poses - $ 130 10 Poses - $ 200


Commencement Photography

Our photographers operate with a virtual “invisibility” to your faculty and parents throughout the commencement ceremony. They and their assistants work unobtrusively before, during, and after the ceremony, ensuring a seamless process without causing any disruption to your processional lines, whether it’s a one or two-line ceremony. Photography during commencement is one of our many specialties,andeachofourtrained,professionalphotographers is dedicated to capturing the best images of the graduates without disrupting the commencement ceremony. Our customized ordering system enables us to swiftly identify each individual image and present those images directly to each graduate for viewing, sharing, and purchasing.

Facial Recognition Tool: A rapid solution for customers to quickly locate more of their images!


Set up We will be on-site, set up, and ready 90 minutes prior to the ceremony, coordinating with the graduation ceremony staff as per the school’s request.

Equipment We will provide all the necessary

Ordering Digital proofs will be emailed within 24 hours of the ceremony. Free color proofs will be mailed to each individual graduate, provided we have their address, wit.hin four days of the ceremony

equipment to capture the ceremony efficiently, including backup cameras in case of any equipment malfunctions.


Commencement Packages & Pricing


Specialty Products

Framed Collage (2 pose) – $ 49 .95

Framed Collage (3 pose) – $ 59 .95

Package A – $ 153 (2) 8 x 10 (8) 5 x 7 (16) Wallets (2) Downloads Mix & Match (Usemultiple poses to customize your package)

Package B – $108 (2) 8 x 10 (6) 5 x 7 (8) Wallets (1) Download Mix & Match (Usemultiple poses to customize your package)



Senior Plaque (Wood) – $ 49 .95

Senior Plaque (Black) – $ 49 .95

Class of 2022

Tassel Frame – $ 49 .95 (Tassel not included)

Photo Mugs – $ 49 .95

Package C – $ 83 (1) 8 x 10 (4) 5 x 7 (4) Wallets (1) Download

Package D – $ 64 (2) 8 x 10 (4) 5 x 7

2 0 2 2

Single Pose Only

Single Pose Only

Announcements – $ 19 .95

Individual Sheets

Image Download

(1) 10 x 14 $ 28 .95

(1) 8 x 10 $ 15 .95

(2) 5 x 7s $ 15 .95

(1) 5 x 7 $ 8 .95

(2) 4 x 6s $ 15 .95

(8) Wallets $ 15 .95

HiRes $ 50 .00


CANDID HIGH SCHOOL COVERAGE Candid Yearbook Coverage Throughout the school year at the high school, The Barksdale Group will provide comprehensive yearbook coverage, encompassing sports, clubs, prom, homecoming, concerts, graduation, diploma presentation, candids, and other significant events. In cases of rescheduling due to weather, accommodations will be made. Our professional photographers understand that capturing an exceptional candid image requires the perfect angle, good composition, and lighting. The Barksdale Group will capture candid shots of sports and various school activities, as scheduled by the yearbook staff. A photographer will be available for school activities and award ceremonies.

The Barksdale Group commits to photographing one session of every sporting event throughout the year. Unless specified otherwise, we will choose and cover sporting events at our convenience and scheduling. The High School will informThe Barksdale Group of any specific sporting event requiring coverage. Our team of full-time photographers at The Barksdale Group is available at any time for unscheduled events and will make every effort to accommodate unexpected requests.


SPORTS TEAM & INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHY Fall Sports, Winter Sports, and Spring Sports: In addition to candid yearbook coverage, The Barksdale Group presents the opportunity to purchase individual and team photographs featuring custom digital picture product designs tailored to each sport. You can choose to be photographed either on a green screen or in the natural environment of the sports setting. Team pictures can be captured on candid picture day, or, if preferred, The Barksdale Group can collaborate with the Athletic Director to schedule a dedicated team picture day for every season. We ensure timely distribution of order envelopes, allowing parents ample time to consider package options, and online orders are readily accepted. As a gesture of appreciation, we provide coaches with three complimentary 8x10 prints for each team photographed.


OTHER SCHOOL PICTURE EVENTS The Barksdale Group provides photography for:

• Band • Chorus • Homecoming • 8th Grade Dinner Dance • Plays/Musicals

• National Honors Society • Club Group photos • Prom • Best Buddy candids


Package A $50 Package B $35 Package C $25 (2) 5x7 (8) 2x3 (2) 8x10

Package D $20 (2) 3x5 (4) 2x3

(2) 8x10 (4) 5x7 (4) 3x5 (8) 2x3

(2) 5x7 (8) 2x3

ADD-ONS Accesorio

OK - (8) 2x3........................................................$15 OM - (2) Magnets .............................................$15 ON - (2) Keychains ..........................................$15

IN - (1) 5x7 & (4) 2x3 Individual Pose..............$15 OH - (1) 8x10.............................................................$15 OI - (1) 5x7 & (4) 2x3.............................................$15 OJ - (4) 3x5..............................................................$15


Specifications Pricing

Submission Deadlines We maintain a single, convenient deadline for both softback and hardback books. Softback book submissions must be received three weeks before the delivery date, while hardback book submissions must be submitted four weeks in advance of the delivery date. Online ordering will be available for all yearbook sales. The Barksdale Yearbooks program stands as a high volume school picture and yearbook publisher, catering to elementary, middle, and high school markets. We are excited to extend a fantastic opportunity to each of your schools to enhance the affordability of your school yearbook.

Trim Size

$0.27 per page - softback $0.42 per page - hardback

8 1/2" x 11" or 9" x 12" 8 1/2" x 11" or 9" x 12" (9" x 12" is full bleed book)

Cover Choice of stock (approximately 60 to choose from), or Custom Cover no extra charge Paper Stock 80# Gloss finish paper – Elementary/Middle Schools 100# Gloss finish paper – High Schools

The BarksdaleYearbooks Program Uses a web-based programs that are Mac and PC compatible.


Training The yearbook representative will be available for school visits as needed, and we will also offer training through webinars or “ZOOM Meetings.” Support Dedicated technical support will be provided to each school throughout the year. Each representative will share their email address and direct contact number, available during business hours for any yearbook-related queries. Build-a-Book We can assist in building the entire book if needed, at no additional charge. Binding For books with fewer than 76 pages, staple square back binding will be applied, while books exceeding 76 pages will feature perfect bound (PUR Adhesive) binding. PUR Adhesive provides superior adhesion and allows the bound book to lay flat without compromising binding strength.

Color Barksdale Yearbooks will print the book in full color, handling all enlargements and reductions at no extra cost to the school. Deadlines will be maintained as scheduled and agreed upon by the Yearbook Advisor. Proof Corrections Changes to proofs are accommodated at no charge if made before printing. Supplies We will provide all necessary materials to the yearbook staff for producing the yearbook. Barksdale Yearbooks will supply all marketing materials needed to promote the book, including flyers, posters, and an online link for parents to make credit card payments. A banner ad will also be provided for placing on your website for online orders.

No Subcontracting BBarksdale Yearbooks will not engage in subletting or subcontracting any aspect of the publishing process. We operate our own state-of-the-art production facility.


9-12 SCHOOL YEARBOOK INCENTIVES 5% of your order at NO CHARGE Barksdale Yearbooks program is a high volume school picture and yearbook publisher in the elementary, middle and school markets. We would like to offer each of your schools a great opportunity to make your schools yearbook more affordable. High Schools – 5% who participate in offering a school yearbook to their students would receive 5% of the books at no charge . This offer is based on schools prior yearbook orders. Examples of how the program works: • High School orders 1,500 yearbooks they will get 75 of those yearbooks at no charge. Approx. $2,500 Value

If contract is renewed the same 5% BOOKS FREE will continue for the length of the agreement. WHEN YOU SELL THOSE FREE YEARBOOKS, IT’S ALL PROFIT TO THAT SCHOOL!


380 Turner Way; Aston, PA 19014 1.800.220.7667

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to the school’s proposal.

We value your comments and/or questions. Call us at 800.220.7667 ext. 104

HOCKMEYER with Barksdale



The Barksdale Group is proud to support local schools and charities that help strengthen the communities we serve. The Barksdale Group is privately owned and family operated. We are not a franchised company.

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